Kpl 11: Etsi väärät sanat

Chat 3

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The kids show Andro around the .

In the bathroom

Andro: What's this?
Kathy: This is the shower. Be careful!
Andro: Ahhh. It's very !

In the kitchen

Andro: What's this then?
Tom: The . Don't touch that!
Andro: Ahhh! It's very hot!

Andro: What's this?
Tom: The fridge and the freezer. Don't that!
Andro: Ahhh! It's so cold.

In the living room

Andro: What's that?
Kathy: Don't touch that button!
Andro: Ahhh! Too !

In the

Andro: What's that?
Tom: Don't do that!
Andro: Ahhh. It's !

In the garden

Kathy and Tom: out!
Andro: Ahhh! Wet again.